Meteor Detection and Radio Astronomy

September 27, 2016

A large meteor event, probably a superbolide air-burst event, has been reported over the sea near Gladstone, Queensland at 10:27 UTC, (8.27pm local time) 26th September. This is probably the largest meteor event since 2013, the details of which are currently being investigated by Meteorscan.

There are also unverified reports of another, smaller event at Buderim at approximately 2am (16:00 UTC).

It is reported that the meteor could have been caused by a very small near earth asteroid or an asteroid fragment. We believe that this meteor exploded in the atmosphere creating an air-burst shock wave, as there is no evidence of briefly increased sea level or micro tidal wave. There are reports of a minor tremor of 3.8. We are unsure if this is related or simply seismic sensors being affected by the shock wave.

Small asteroids or small fragments cannot be easily detected in advance with current technology. There is no evidence at present that this meteor is part of a group of fragments, but they are not always isolated. This does not mean that other fragments, if they are present, will be close enough to be caught by Earth's atmosphere.

Almost all fireball meteor events happen in remote places as 71% of the earth is ocean and much of the Earth's land mass is unpopulated. This means that they often go undetected, or are very difficult to study. A large event such as this, so close to land gives us a rare opportunity to study an event in more detail.

Further updates as information becomes available.

Update: 3rd October 2016

I have been sent information and data which may confirm an active bouy event occurred in the sea in the vacinity of the suspected Queensland meteor impact zone. The information shows a water displacement event occured at approximately 0825 UTC which, if connected, may be evidence that the meteoroid was still complete at the point of impact.

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