Meteor Detection and Radio Astronomy

September 24, 2016

To handle a significant increase in web traffic and bandwidth usage over the last month, we are in the process of upgrading our servers and the website for improved bandwidth and better mobile device compatibility. During this time, some content and services may be missing or reduced.

Update: October 03, 2016 .....

Much of the work we have been doing is complete. We are now operating across two VPS servers for greater resiliance but we still need to move to fully dedicated servers if our popularity continues to grow. That will happen next year (if we can fund it!).

We are writing new custom software to improve the resilliance and bandwidth performance of our live feed system. The custom software should reduce our bandwidth usage by around 60-80%, which will be very helpful.

There are many site improvements in the pipeline. We want to include data from other projects and provide a data retrieval system for any event by date/time.

Please be friendly. Life's too short!.

We have had some people point out rather abruptly, that we have had some downtime during these server migration changes. We are doing the best we can to avoid downtime at this very busy time, but there are certain situations where we need to temporarily disable the feed to make software changes.

We are doing this work for you as hobbyist volunteers, in spare time and working with zero budget. Please remember that Meteorscan is a labour of love which provides a valuable public service and that these server changes are needed now, to ensure that our users have a rubust and uninterrupted service in the future and that we can provide many more facilities for our users.

If you want to help us in a positive way, please feel free to contribute a little something to our server fund. It will be very much appreciated. 

Thank you for your patience.

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Please help us to keep this website free, unrestricted & without adverts.

Help us keep our service freely available for all, unrestricted and free of advertising.

Any donation, however small, to our server fund, will be greatly apprectated. Thank you.


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