Meteor Detection and Radio Astronomy

Meteorscan operates 24 hours a day and is a meteor detection and recording project based in South West England.

Meteorscan is a citizen science project and has been operational since 2009, opening its dedicated publicly domain in 2010. We are a non commercial project, independent of any commercial or astronomy organisation.

Members of Meteorscan are all volunteers working mostly in our spare time to keep the Meteorscan project operational. We strive to maintain a high quality, stable and reliable service, providing a live feed, a data archive plus help and advice for those interested in meteor detection and study.

Our dedicated automated detection software is written in house and maintained by Meteorscan.

We use multiple receiving stations based in Europe and the contributed data is used to identify and eliminate sources of interference so that we can identify genuine meteors with good reliability. We are currently working on a project to interpret and collate historical data from our archives for comparison purposes.

Receiving and monitoring equipment for our radio astronomy experiments is fed from several dedicated VHF aerial arrays, a dedicated fixed frequency antenna for Jupiter monitoring, a broad bandwidth log periodic antenna for our Solar Spectrometer, VLF antennas for detection of Sudden Ionospheric Disurbances and a multi-band shortwave aerial for Ionosperic analysis (Project Iona).

Shortwave transmissions are made from our private observatory in the HF spectrum to determine subjectively, the present state of the ionosphere. The ionosphere is affected influenced by solar activity, weather phenomena and meteor activity. We are also working on a new project called "Iona" to analyse the Ionosphere automatically during the forthcoming deep solar decline.

Although meteor detection is our main 24/7 activity, we also carry out other experiments including direct monitoring of solar RF radiation and signals from other stars and planets such as Jupiter (NASA JOVE project).

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