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Community Supported
No Ads, No Cookies, No tracking!

We want to keep well maintained, operate to high technical standards and remain completely free for
everyone to use. We don't want to fund this project with intrusive advertising with associated tracking cookies and website load.

We've been able to keep the system running for over ten years, but as our user base grows, it becomes increasingly more expensive to keep going.

The Server Fund

By contributing a little something towards our server fund you will help us keep Meteorscan running 24/7/365. If we exceed our server funding requirements we can also add more features and services to

Any money raised will contribute towards the annual running costs of our servers (in UK, Germany and USA) which deliver the website, live feed, data server and the DaaS, which runs our discriminator binaries. It will also contribute towards our ever growing ISP costs, radio equipment maintenance, antenna repairs and software upgrades.

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